I had my first colonoscopy yesterday, and wanted to share my experience as it is a potentially life-saving procedure for us "older guys" 50+.

I had my reservations. I put it off for a year (my dr told me to get it scheduled last summer when I turned 50). I have a friend from another forum who is a stage 3 rectal cancer survivor. His experience was enough to convince me to not put it off.

They gave me a warm blanket. And once in the procedure room the doctor talked to me, and the two nurses made me very comfortable. They were very nice. The one nurse said okay, I'm going to give you the sedative now (via the IV). I saw her inject it and wondered why I did not feel anything....

... and then I blinked my eyes and.... I was in a different room with my wife next to me. It was 30 minutes later... I felt FINE. No pain or discomfort during (huh? did they really do it?) or after. My wife said they removed a few small polyps but they are likely benign, and will get the results in five days to be sure and then talk about when to schedule the next one.

I felt tired the rest of the day (effects of the sedation) and had a restful day off work (been a LONG time for that).

By far the worse part was drinking the laxative the evening before....

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