OK...nothing could FK up on the first use of anything. And there's NO WAY Walmart is gonna fk up anything, right?

Yesterday I gave them all my med bottles to use for refilling. Effexor and Welbutrin were two that were filled by some back-woods, stand-alone pharm in Maine. The refills were stated on the scrip sheets i gave to them. I told Walmart they would need to call that stand-alone pharmacy by 3:00pm....cuz its Maine...and that's the way Maine is.

So I blasted over to Walmart today to get all the refills: "Uh...donde esta mi Effexor, y mi Welbutrin?" Que? "Where the fuk is my EFFEXOR and my WELfkngBUTRIN?"

Seems they neglected to call that back-woods pharm in Maine.
Now, if I am so much as 6-hours late on EffexorXR, I feel like I truly will die, and said death will be a great improvement over the condition. I'm already 7-days into the secret reserve of salesmen's samples, but still have more. Cant say the same for Welbutrin.

Does anyone know what happens if you have to go three days without 300mg of Welbutrin? I truly don't know.