Welcome David. Glad to have you aboard - I don't think any of us really WANT to be here - but it's amazing support. Very glad to hear you have the T and friends who support you.

Speaking from my own experiences in the past week, MS fills in the gaps when the T or friends aren't enuf. The guys keep me grounded and let me be a complete mess when I need to be a complete mess (think Bette Davis "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" - THAT'S a mess)...without trying to "fix" me. These are guys who understand the process first-hand.

I like options, too. I've made considerable use of both public boards and PMs since the legal side can be a bit touchy in my current situation.

Speaking as a gay man, one thing I've also found remarkable is that the bonding here is without regard to sexual orientation. It just doesn't matter. What's more important is that these guys have been/are my brothers as they would be in my family.

I came from a home of physical, verbal and emotional abuse. The CSA was my high school guidance counselor to whom I'd been referred when I was desperate for someone, anyone, to help me. He was also staff at a church camp where I worked. The institutions turned a blind eye to what he was doing with me...and apparently others.

But, unlike 40 years ago, this time I'm not alone.