Hi all,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how empowering our little RI group is. There are four of us in this group now and each one of states how we actually look forward to meeting each week. Yes, life goes on and sometimes we are not a full group but that is one of the wonderful things about this group, it is there every week and it something special we all count on.
It was scary for all of us when we started. It was both exciting and a little nerve racking when we had a new member join. The most important thing is that the four of us took the step to get the group going. So, if you are looking at this post and are at all interesed please contact Bob Grant (see the post above this one). Bob is a social worker but he is there for support. We guys own the group and talk about whatever we want. Bob is a comfort to have in the room and he is respectful and extremely knowledgable. It is a great mix of survivors meeting with a professional involved that volunteers his time and office space.

So, if you are looking at this classified and just aren't sure what to do, please call Paul or shoot me a private message. It is so worth it to meet with brothers.