I think our main difference is where we see the root of the problem, and thus where we focus our energy in trying to change the system.

To me the root of the problem is quite obvious patriarchy and the celebration of masculinity that follows, with the degradation of femininity. I think that to make any real changes we have to focus on deconstructing the patriarchy in all its parts, wich means also getting rid of those parts of patriarchy that women in general benefit from. I think feminism historically has failed to recognize and deconstruct a lot of these parts of patriarchy that women benefit from and I think that is because feminism has been advocated almost only by women.

It is always easier to recognize the structures that are a disadvantage for you as a person or group. Therefore, I think, to put the parts of patriarchy in focus that is a disadvantage for men, men need to highlight these and take active part in deciding the direction of the feminist movement. Wich is what is happening in Sweden even though the men are not that many.

Focusing on the feminist movement as the opponent I think is just splitting the gender equality struggle, getting us stuck in this "who is the best/worst" war that will never get us anywhere, leaving lots of ground for the people who want to preserve the system as it is.

Did you read the article posted by Yerac? It is written in English and I think the surveys are from many different countries so it should be pretty representative. It says much of what I've been trying to say only in a so much better way smile

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