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...This is not a life when the religious, holy rollers dont' want to help anyone that was tainted by csa or paint someone that is gay with the broad brush of being the destroyer of the religious way of life, and I'm gay and I don't remember trying to destroy anything.

The phonies in three churches that showed me the door when I was crawling face-down and reaching up for help...ain't holy and int no Christians as far as I'm concerned.

In the way-back, Jesus touched the untouchables when NO ONE else would. Lepers...very untouchable as well. I felt like such a leper. They made me feel like said leper.

Of course, I'll never let a hypocrite go unidentified as such. Could be why they no longer send Christmas cards.

I hope everyone angry or feeling reject by/with/at God can someday realize that NO man is qualified to judge us.

I occasionally will stop-by to poke at them to see if they are true yet. Its actually kind of fun to hold that mirror to their face and let them see and smell a hypocrite all up-close n such.

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