My sisters kid was hyper but i kept tellling her to get him in something that would tire him out and release that extra energy but she chose to put him on something or other even though he is more calm i still think that is not the answer. Everyone is differant he is hyper does not mean he needs drugs it means he is a boy and needs to be outside playing and finding constructive things to release the energy. Now kids sit and do nothing but play games or pc,lost in this tech world and have parents who allow the kids to be their friends but that is a seperate mattter. parents just do not want to be bothered with parenting not all but most now a days. Not me my kids have to socialize and play outside . I just think just cause some of these drugs help does not mean we should put people on them. The downside is going to result in to many bad side efffects. like i was saying people neeed to find a way to deal with their problems not self medicate. but u and i no what the Real cure is
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