Actually, Hope is an expectation.

Faith is belief in action.

You walk into a dark room, what do you do, without thinking.... you turn on the light switch. You don't think about it, you don't wonder if the light will actually come on, you simply hit the switch and go about your business with nary a thought about that light.

That's faith. I realized recently that in that illustration, I have more faith in a light switch, because I don't wonder and worry, I just hit it and it works.

I want that kind of faith in God.

You are right about knowing something vs. believing something. While they seem the same, believing in God is about faith, which adds in an element of trust.

And who in this world is going to struggle with trust more? Someone with a great family life and childhood.... or someone who has the deepest levels of trust and intimacy violated?

I struggle too. My feelings and emotions rarely go along with what I know to be true, but in that moment who do I listen to. My feelings or what I know to be true?

I've found that: fact/knowing, faith/believing, & feeling/emotions rarely are ever on the same page for me. Maybe that's just because I'm still utterly messed up and broken too. I don't know.

It's like what they say about courage. It's not the absence of fear... it's doing what you know has to be done despite the fear that tells you to run away. Human emotions are fickle. Choose what you know to be true regardless of what your feelings tell you. Yes I know that's not easy, it's my battle every day as well.

So in this, you are not alone.

Oh, and yes, as you heal and begin to truly feel your emotions again, you will indeed get the highs and lows, the good and bad (not that there really are "bad" emotions). Just right now, as you deal with this horrid mess we all have to deal with, you're going to experience the painful ones more than the positive ones. It's only natural. What we're digging in to is horrible painful.

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