Thanks for posting this excellent thread. I'm still getting into this site and then getting back out. I admit I deal with a lot of fear and defensiveness (not defensive like I'm self-conscious, but like I'm nervous to open up). I'm worried that there are cliques here, for instance, that I'm not a part of. I know it's dumb, but I never feel like a legitimate part of anything, even a forum for male survivors!

But... I have found excellent voices here that help me sort through the crap and pain and good stuff and whatever in my life. It's a long road. I'm nowhere near done with any of this. But this site has allowed me to share my thoughts and feelings with other guys who have this darkness in common with me, but who aren't defined by or limited by our histories.

So thank you all. There are some who responded quickly with kind notes when I opened up about needing a few kind words. I appreciate that. And overall, I just appreciate all the humanity and thought and feeling and caring that I see.

Thank you.