As i said blessedcurse, I think "feminism" in sweedan is closer to what I would call gender equalitarianism, than what it is in Britain or America. in academic and political writings, in cryticism of art, heck even in literature, not to mention in the job markit and in business, "feminism" over here means basically promoting the interests of women and more often than not dennigrating those of men. Look at the way for instance in writing these days, it's no longer acceptable to use "he" as the only! pronown when referring to people generally, but increasingly "she" is used exclusively instead and this is seen as perfectly right and fine by most authors in academia.

I've never read or seen a feminist cryticize violence or abuse of a man in the media, where as the converse is utterly true. The same is also true on a smaller scale, ---- as I said above if a man so much as holds a door open for a woman he can be cryticized as being sexist, and a woman can quite freely make sexist statements about men.

Just last week for instance I heard a female radio presenter in one breath complain about adverts that still show girls playing with dolls because it "forces girls into motherhood" and then propose that men should be barred from taking the bus after nine O.clock at night "to protect women who've had a night out from them"

so, it's not right to encourage girls to be mothers, but all men are potential abusers and should be segrigated? When a male caller into the radio show actually said that he! would hate not taking the bus at night because he didn't drink, the female presenter told him that even if he did meet an unpleasant drunk he should be able to protect himself because he was a man.

this is just what I mean by the double standard of feminism, or at least what is called feminism over here, on the one hand deploring female sterriotypes, on the other keeping! those sterriotypes including demonized views of men that make women's lives easier.

I think it is quite significant that though many authors and feminists (including Jk rowling), bitterly complain at the pacivity of female characters in traditional fairy tales, ---- nobody ever mentions the lack of value such tales give to the suffering of men.

As I said,this isn't to say that things are perfect for women, especially around corporate hiering and the job markit, it's only necessary to look at the hole fashion industry to see exactly what ridiculous female sterriotypes do, ---- however where as these sorts of things are frequently and violently attacked in the media by feminists, similar abuses of men are not mentioned at all, ---- indeed many feminists as I've said take the complete opposite line and advocate! the misstreatment or denigration of men.

Obviously, even if they aren't quite as perfect in terms of recognition of abuse, this is something Sweedan does far better than either the Uk or (from what I've seen), the Us, ---- after all, where does most of that sterriotyped media come from?