D E: Oh I agree with you SO much about this. Havn't seen this episode of simpsons but have many other examples. Jokes about adult men getting raped by other men seems to be standard and supposedly funny. And sexual abuse against boys too when conducted by women, especially if the woman in question is supposed to be attractive.

I lost interest for a tv show (weeds) in wich a father brings his definitely under age son to a prostitute so that he should lose his virginity and the whole thing is portrayed in a way that is supposed to be humorous, the boy getting really scarred at first and happy afterwards. I was so upset by this! And it is not one single event, this occurs as a pattern in all media. The jokes about male rape and of children getting their first "sexual experience" like it was not real abuse that really affect the real people that are victimized.

The part where we seem to differ is the topic of what feminists do and don't, and that seems to be largely because of different experiences of feminist movement. Because the examples above and the all over medial advocation for this male stereotype are in Sweden really much critisized by feminists while non feminists just state that the feminists are boring, make politics out of everything and destroy the fun.

Actually the question of the humour shows and the portrayal of masculinity, male sexuality and minimized or ridiculed sexual abuse against males seem to be one of the main targets of the modern feminist /gender equality movement. So of course, for me it is really difficult to see how these problems can have been caused by feminism.