I agree.

I agree completely.

I know myself that I have rather more feminine character traits than masculine ones, but disavowing one of my traits because it belonged to either gender would be incorrect. For instance, I love young babies and children because I get on well with animals, but todlers after the age of 2, or children below the age of rationality, ---- forget it!

Likewise, i am utterly happy doing housework and like my flat to be tidy, but there are some tasks i intrinsically dislike, such as hoovering simply because I dislike them.

I fully agree on sterriotypes in tv, but again this is i think where the feminist movement is to blaime, sinse while they will be up in arms about a war film with a damzel in destresss, they won't mind a comedy about an ugly, stupid man, indeed much as I enjoy the simpsons for it's social commentary, i find the amount of serious! programs with characters like homer simpson who we are expected to take as real representations of men whhile women are seen as inteligent and independent spirited quite worrying.

Still worse, I find the s/xual portrayal of men just plane wrong. For example, while as I said I mostly enjoy the simpsons, i saw a seen the other week that absolutely appauled me, not because it was unrealistic, but because it portrayed whhat was quite obviously s/xual abuse of a young boy in a humerous light.

homer as a ten year old had met, and had his first kiss with the young marge simpson. Going back to find her at the summer camp where she was staying, he runs into her older sister, perhaps 13.

he asks where marge is, and marge's less than pleasant sister gleefully tells him she's gone and never wants to see him again. he says "we kiised, it was special" where upon marge's sister grabs homers face and forceably, and in an adult way kisses him, even though he is protesting and saying no. She then asks sarcastically "was that special?"

We are supposed to think this iss humerous, but frankly i was shocked, particularly sinse had their genders been reversed that just wouldn't! have happened (imagine a 13 year old boy forceably kissing an unwilling 10 year old girl).

Maybe this was simpsons social commentary again, indeed in other stories they have featured quite ironic portrayals of children's behaviour, but the fact that it was seen as okay I find quite disturbing, ---- and in more mainstream comedies or romantic dramas things are even worse (why can a woman hit a man for instance).