I'm truly not trying to be rehtorically cute or flippant here.

I see ALL people as being religious. Yes...I see ALL people as being religious.

I think back to HiSkool and College and Grad Skool and discussions of "politics." The definitive mantra then and now (academically) was "if you abstain from politics, you are actually being political." I agree!

Similarly, I'll proclaim: "if you abstain from religion, you are in fact 'religious.'"

All the athiests...ooops...a labeled belief or practice.....All the athiests I've aver met have a foundation and doctrine (huh! A "doctrine") with which they justify their lack-of-belief. "Lack of belief of what?" Ok...God n stuff.

Earthies, satanists, witches, and numerologists all maintain a rationale, do they not? They base their beliefs and lack of beliefs on certain truths they determine as truths.

So if I have distain for "religion," what religion exactly and based upon what.

My maintenance of being non-religious would have to have about a paragraph of justification doctrine that explains exactly what I mean and why...even if I refuse to tell anyone, or offer to anyone my rationale for hating religion, I will still have an internal paragraph or two of doctrine...thus, I have a religion.