Hello NeedSomeHelp and welcome to MaleSurvivor,

The short answer is "Yes", you can have a normal life, comeback from the abuse that was criminally perpetrated against you, and feel love for a lifetime.

Relationships are the hardest hit when a male is abused. We work towards couplings, friends and internal communications that we can support and that support us. Having a friend, a lover or a companion is what we long for, and one who has all three is a king!

Depending on your circumstances, choose one of these to begin your healing:
1) Find a male sexual abuse therapist
2) Purchase/rent/borrow "Evicting the Perpetrator" by Ken Singer
3) Keep posting in MaleSurvivor whatever comes into your heart.
4) As thoughts come up search through this site's forums for similar topics and read the author's thoughts and the replies.
5) Consider attending a Weekend of Recovery.
6) Attend a support group in your area like SIA(Survivors of Incest Anonymous.
7) Find support. Posting and replying in MaleSurvivor will help you find those who maybe farther along in their recovery and can offer support.
8) There are many good articles in the main page of MaleSurvivor on the difficulties survivors face, check them out.
9) Our chat room can offer real time support and empathy for a survivor in need of encouragement.

This is just a start, I encourage you to see that through this disclosure, you are already beginning a healing process, and that you are already in a better place.

Much success to you fellow survivor.

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014