We seem to have a lot in common. I too am allways most drawn to the androgyn people of both sexes and I have allways felt I don't really fit into the male or female stereotype. To me the people who have a bit of both usually come through as more real and honest, as opposed to people having spent their whole lifes trying to fit into one role or the other. I just wish everyone could be as they were.

Oh, and I totally agree about the romantic dramas and family tv-shows. There is nothing as gender-recreating as a romantic comedy. I espescially hates the ones where the father of the family is paying all bills while being ugly and stupid, and the wife is spending all money on beautystuff. The gender-recreation in those is also more dangerous I think, than in the war movies, because you don't emmediately notice it if you don't have some training or are really pissed of by equality. They promote some ideals really strongly and also reflect the equality already at hand. Why is a married man trying to get away from his wife so incredibly funny?

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