Vadrian: Yes, the military draft is unbelievable. It is just as you said. They changed it only a few years ago and I suspect there are economic reasons behind more then gender equality. Now noone is forced and anyone can apply. As for the feminist movements take on this, they were divided in to sides. One side advocated military draft compulsory to both sexes, the other that the compulsory military draft was abolished. Nobody with any kind of feminist values wanted the male only draft so I find it really hard to understand why it lasted so long.

Well, older generations I guess. The military service has this role in the swedish male mind of making boys into men. All men age 40+ share the stories of the time in the military. After that generation it wasn't for everybody, the military just chose the ones they wanted. I think the military for all men has done a lot of damage when it comes to masculinity and male identity. I didn't do it myself but from what I've heard all they do is learn to be tough, call each other efeminite names when they fail and glorify violence.