Ive been through a few generations of MS members. This place looks absolutely nothing like it did when I arrived. Change seemed to come in major baches of turnover. So there are many many names for me to thank, but they just are not around any longer.

But I DO want to shout-out to:

Obi: You have always had more faith in my brain, abilities and such than I ever have. Yer a genuine person and an even more genuine friend. I simply cannot handle anyone being in my trench, feeding me ammo and calling-in artillery fire. So I chase everyone out and return to fighting alone. Its the mode I literally grew-up in. Its as much a part of me as the English language. Sorry you had to discover that the hard way Obi.

Moose: We seem to have EastBoston in common and definitely true bostonian roots and cultural features.

Gary: There's no room for political-continuum disparity on a war-ship. Everyone fights together for the same cause of survival, or we all die together. So the ideological or political difs are far-beyond the horizon...no matter how wrong you may be :-)

Lee: You have been there with some very timely hands-up when I'm flat on the floor. You've been herea little bit longer than I have, but seems like I've know you for decades.

Andy Texan: I don't know how you ever tollerated me online or in real life. I've met SO many people from MS in real life. You are about the only one left talking to me...and I even forced you to eat sushi!

To All and Everyone: Thank you for tolerating my crazy. I got lots of crazy that is fed by my past and present...and attitude....and arrogance...and self-centeredness...and superiority complex....and lack of trust....separations anxiety...abandonment issues....alien complex...fear of the color yellow...meds variations...and hatred of all things made in Zimbabwe.