Feminist rhetoric is filled to the brim with sexism against men, I've seen many women who trump self-serving feminist philosophy in one breath, and in the next humiliate and insult men for not being "masculine" enough, having small penises, caring about their looks, not being capable of physical labor, etc. Several of the female abusers in my family were like this. Meanwhile, I do see that males are, from birth, oppressed and put into boxes. Of course women always think their problems are the most important, and wish to filter history and modern life to the extent that they are never responsible for what they do, because it can all be blamed on 'men' instead.

But feminism has not brought progress to helping people break out of male gender roles, in fact most often I see feminists taking the opposite bent--wanting to oppress men into their conception of a highly conservative, traditional masculinity while supporting the liberation of women.

Meanwhile boys growing up are subjected to an epidemic of unreported, unconvicted child abuse, sexual, physical, and emotional. When you consider that all perpetrators were once abused themselves, the statistics of male childhood victims explodes to a much higher number then females. It is sad that people are interested in explanations when it comes to female perpetrators, but if they're male, no analysis whatsoever is sought except to say that they are just "disgusting men." Violence comes from violence, it doesn't come from 'male hormones' like many feminists say, so if adult males are more violent, it's because they were given much rougher treatment as children, and all adults, male and female, are responsible for that and for changing it.

Blessedcurse mentions female prison guards, but not the fact that in his country there was a military draft of MALES ONLY right up until 2010, where males were forced to pick up guns and oppressed by the conditions of boot camp and a military hierarchy simply for being born with a penis, while females were spared this. How many women were out there protesting THIS as opposed to focusing on their own issues?

I'm sure that many boys growing up being abused by their mothers and other female adults will never come around to feminism or agreeing with women that they are always the greater victims and always the ones with the most important issues. Perhaps that should be respected, and more women should come to see that males are historically and currently oppressed as well.

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