D E: Oh, in that case I understand your point of wiev so much better.

The mainstream of the feminist movement in Sweden would strongly argue against the view of men as expendable, since this suggests a difference between men an women that means people need to change themselves to fit into a norm. It is just two sides of the same problem. As long as we see men as expendable warriors the view of women as precious and passive comes along.

For example, recently a female prison guard was killed by an inmate. Emmediately some old anti feminist went out in the media stating that her death was the fault of feminism because this is was happens when a woman does a mans work. The people arguing against it are the feminists, saying that this way of thinking suggests that a man would have been able to defend himself or that a man killed would have been less of a disaster, wich is an old fasioned view of men as strong, violent and expendable.

Men in child care are not seen as you describe. Public policy is that children need role models of both sexes and men are also encouraged to stay at home with their own children. Despite this, men do not use the possibility of paternity leave in any large extent and are very few in child care. This makes the consequenses that, to get child care staff of both sexes, men are privileged in that they often get a job before women with better references and also get paid more to stay. The same thing does not happen for women in sectors dominated by men, on the contrary, they usually are paid less and not promoted.

As to female offenders, a study in Sweden showed that the convicted offenders of csa were 80 % male. This means 20 % were female wich raised a discussion of why the perpetrator is almost allways portrayed as a man. I mean, of cours 80% is a majority but there are still many female perpetrators out there. Also there was a study suggesting that though men commit the vast majority of all violent crimes, those areas where the most female offenders were, were in crimes against children. Explained simply that women have the physical posibility to abuse children in a larger extent than adults and also that it comes with the female stereotype to be alone with children, being ther primary attachment object and thus having great oportunities to get away with ca/csa.

The view that all men are pedophiles and can not be around children is only hurting the feminist movement. I mean, come on, if men cannot take care of children than who will be left to do it all. The taking care of children argument is one of the biggest that keep women from gaining power in different areas, in that they cannot really be trusted as employees since they have maternity leave, stay at home when children are sick, are expected to allways put familly first and so on. Men taking their share of that responsibility would mean a lot for the feminist movement.

What annoys me a bit is that in Sweden, having come so far, the people promoting a more equal view of both men and women are usually female feminists. Where are the men in this? Why don't men go out and "rage" in the media when some old guy sais only men should be prison guards since they can take it? It's allways the female feminists and occationally some young guy. Why are men leaving the equality movement all to the women, even tho men also are badly affected by the stereotype?

Like this with female offenders. Why don't men go out in the media trying to nuance the immage of offenders of both genders? Instead the female feminists do as a part of the struggle to see that both men and women have masculine and feminine traits. Instead most men who argue openly are either the "men should be men and everything bad is because of feminism" people, or people saying that it is really the men that are the victims of womens power.

Why can't we just work together against a system that mutilates both sexes? Why can't we just wait a minute and analyze our privileges respectively, aqnowledge them and then make an effort together to dismantle the whole gender based system?

I read the article linked above, it was really interesting. This is much of what feminist movement is about in Sweden. I think you'd like it. Even if the mainstream in your country is stupid you can still raise above it and take the whole thing to another level smile No reason for the feminist/equality movement to allways be lead by women. Women are not allways right.