Yrac, that does sound interesting, I'd like to read it myself.

@blessedcurse, yes indeed, i believe in Britain the recognition that it is possible to be sexist towards a man is not half as complete as it is in Sweedan, for instance it would still! be fine over here to claime "all men are pigs" or a similar statement in public. Such statements are not made by victims either, but by women who are often close to being down right paranoid, and will become extremely aggressive at the slightest provocation.

For example, it's not uncommon in certain British institutions for a man to be shouted at and possible even diciplined for holding the door open for a woman on the basis of being sexist, even if the man would do the same thing for another man, ---- and I've mentioned on this forum before my so called "introductory lecture" to s/xual ethics which began with the words "seventy percent of men would rape a woman if they could"

Still worse over here, all men are becoming demonized as pedofiles whatever the circumstances, and male teachers or indeed any man who interacts with children at all has to be dam careful to literally never touch them. For instance, a friend of mine who worked as a classroom assistant in a nursery school (who actually now has a daughter of his own), said that he physically had to pull a little girl off him who was attempting to give him a hug or risk getting fired.

this isn't to say there aren't! dodgy men around, plenty of guys of this site can attest to it, but believing all! men are in some way potential abusers to the extent where you literally refuse to let a man even look at a child is just ridiculous.

Then there is a considderable amount of media, in which violence towards men is seen as fine, but not towards women, --- indeed violence or still worse s/xual humour towards men is often treated as a joke where as it wouldn't be towards women.

It often strikes me that, while there are! women who strive for actual equality, we're at a stage now where all the Victorian ideals of "protecting women" are still in force, but the victorian view of women as "weaker" is not.

Indeed, it's my own belief that traditional gender sterriotypes also promote the idea that men are expendable and that harm done to men doesn't count, as much as they promote the idea of female pacivity and helplessness, ---- after all, it's perfectly alright for the knight to be hurt or even killed while fighting the dragon, --- but it would be terrible if the princess died!

Look at the prince in the story of rapunzel as a primery example, ---- rapunzel herself is indeed just as pacive and useless a character as most people suggest, ---- but who is the one who gets blinded?

As I said, I fully agree that the "x is better" is a ridiculous debate, howeverr in Britain, the idea that a man could! be the victim of sexism is pretty much unknown, and "Feminism" usually too often means purely promoting the interests of women and denirating those of men, ---- especially in political or professional circles, which is why I emphasize the idea of sexism against men, even though i would be just as offended at a person who had a similarly sexist attitude to women.