Hi, I'm glad to find this support site, and that there's a place for family too.

I'm a 40-something divorced mom with two sons. Young men ages 21 & just turned 17. Through a series of episodes, my younger son revealed that his dad's girlfriend's teen son abused both sons together beginning 2000 (ages 4 & 9) lasting a few years. The abuser made them do things together. More recently he said my older son continued to abuse him afterward for years. This is all complicated by mental illness in our family. They have had therapy & psychiatric help over the years but neither brought this up. The older boy was being treated for severe anxiety long before this happened, but is now schizoaffective & psychotic: when he's psychotic he can rant & mumble things related to abuse without knowing. My bipolar 17yr old is falling apart. We all still live under one roof, plus I don't have insurance or $$ for therapy right now. It's hard to accept I missed this. I was supposed to protect them.