I used to have the same nightmare over and over as a kid. This was 2 or 3 nights a week for years it seems. I had the nightmare so much it didn't even terrify me anymore. I'd get scared, then as I'm dreaming I remember the outcome that I get away and it would seem almost comforting. I guess I stopped having the dream around 10 or 12. Then I never remembered any dream I had. I forgot about the recurring nightmare for 20 years.

When I started to really address my csa the memory of my nightmare came back. I'd had it so many times it was a vivid memory. But now the nightmare made sense. Though she wasn't in it my nightmare was about the chaos my mother caused on my life and how I could escape that chaos. The nightmare was helping me make sense of my situation as a child. But it tool me till I was 40 to finally understand that.