First, thank you for putting so much time and energy into maintaining this life changing service.

I am a csa survivor who is currently in therapy. One of the techniques which has worked for me is random drawing and painting. Typically I spend about 10-20 minutes doodling randomly. After a while the randomness takes me to places in my mind which cannot speak, but express themselves via painting. It's a hard process which normally lasts about an hour and leaves me upset and exhausted. But it has helped me unlock memories and is a good method for me to 'hang out' with the demons and get to know them, and therefore me, a bit better.

I am not a good artist and most of the drawings are childlike, but I guess that's part of the point.

My suggestion is to provide a part of the forum where CSA survivors can upload images of drawings/paintings which can be shared with the community. The images would be anonymous be default, but perhaps with the option for the owner to tag their nick to it.
There would be a discussion thread for each image where the owner could perhaps add comments as they wish, and people could reply.
Of course many (most?) of the images would have to carry strong trigger warnings.
I think some people (including myself) would derive healing from sharing the images which come from that part of my mind which cannot express itself with words, spoken or written, and that others may get benefit from sharing and discussing.

Apologies if this has already been discussed.