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What I want to know is if anyone has dealt with documented repressed memories that manifested themselves through dreams. I hope that the dreams I used to have were some result of the abuse I can remember, but they were very vivid and I had them for a long time.

Yes, I have. Months ago I had many strange dreams about having sex with my brother, before I recovered my repressed memories showing that in fact he had sexually abused me as a child, and realizing that the situations in the dreams were autobiographical. I suggest reading the book 'Repressed Memories,' by Renee Fredrickson, it has much insight on this subject.

The fact that your mother called it torture herself shows just how aware she was of doing something despicably horrible to you. If some stranger did these things, I'm sure you wouldn't feel any compulsion to reconcile with them, it shouldn't be any different for your mother. Not talking to her ever again would be the healthiest thing for you to do. Your anger is good, and is telling you something. I'm glad you're protecting yourself and your children by not letting this monster into your life.