"I would like to know what you All think of this last poem", "This is the final part of my trilogy of Abuse poems".

"This poem was the hardest for me to do, It has left me Mentally, Physical and Spiritually Drained", But it all had to come out, I could no longer keep these memories hidden".

"I ask all of you, who have been abused!, "Don't keep it within eating away at you each day". "Bring it out!, "Tell what happened!, "Let yourself be free!.
"It was not your fault!, "You're not to Blame!, "You did no wrong!, "It was not your Shame!.

"We all have our bad Memories, Flash-backs and Fears", "There are certain ordinary things that trigger these Hidden Memories off".

"Here are five that triggered off mine". These are just ordinary things that the Christian Brother's and my Mother used in my Abuse".


1. 'The Chalk'.

"Boy!!,"Go too the storeroom and get me some chalk!!. 'These words he screamed at me, my body shook with fears'.
'I knew what he wanted!, 'Down my cheeks flowed my tears'.
'His heart was full of evil!, 'His soul was dark and rotten'.
'I knew what he would do too me all alone in that store!, 'I knew what would Happen!!.

2. 'The knitting Needles'.

'Click!, 'Click!, 'Click! Went the knitting Needles, 'Her eyes fixed upon the pattern on the page'.
'Suddenly she jerked up her head!, 'Her eyes were full of Rage!.
"Off you Shame! She shouted, "You were never to Tell!.
'She stabbed me in the shoulder', 'I did scream!, 'I did yell!!.

3. 'The Crucifix'.

'He took the crucifix!,"God upon the cross!!, 'He pushed it up into my body!.

"Dear Holy Mother of God!! he yelled, as I emptied my bowels. "You've soiled the body of Jesus, you little Brat!!, "You better clean it up!, or you'll wish you've never been born",
"Come over to Jesus ", "Say you're Sorry!!.

4. 'The Six-Inch-Nail's'.

'They cornered me in the storeroom,'He showed me the hammer!,'He showed me the nail's!

"No more telling stories", He yelled!, "No more telling tales".

'They grabbed me from behind and held my hand upon the Table!,

'I tried so hard to pull away!, 'I wasn't able!.

'He raised the hammer his head!.

"Feel the hurt of Jesus!, "You little Brat", "Feel his Pain!.

'I thought I was dead!.

5. 'The Stanley Knife'.

'She lifted and swung it at me!, She attacked my arms, face and private parts with the Stanley Knife,'.

'I thought, "Oh my God!, "She's going to take my Life!!.

"You'll have no children that's going to be evil like you!, "I swear!!

'She slashed me with the knife, all the time shouting!, "I hate you!,"I should have killed you when you were born!, "I'll gladly got too prison for killing you!, "I don't care!!

"You will condemn us to eternity in hell! She screamed as the slashing went on, "You will be to Blame!!.

"Don't you ever, tell anyone about your Sin!, "Your Shame!!!!.

'The Scars are upon my body for all to see!,'Will I ever have peace from them!, "Will I ever be Free?

'They are here!, 'A reminder of the things they Did to me!!!!.

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May,life,light and love be ever with you.