"I posted this poem on here a while ago"."This is part One of my trilogy of Abuse poems".

"Its called 'My Shame'. I wrote it one day over thirty years ago when I was alone and very low and was ready to end my life. It is based on the words my Mother called my Abuse='MY SHAME'.

"I used to laugh, have fun, games that I loved to play, that was until shameless, wicked men,took,my sweet innocence away".

"Oh,where do i begin,oh,where do i start,oh,to tell you about the pain, the hurt, the sadness upon my heart".

"Please stop, don't do that, "that's not how we play"! "That was the day those evil men took my innocence away".

"Don't they realise what they have done, to cause me so much pain? What was it, those evil, wicked men hoped to gain!.

"They took away my innocence, they took away the spark, and all I do now is cry and wake screaming in the dark".

"As I felt the pain upon this chair, I lifted my hands to god in prayer, I called out for god's love, was he looking down at me from above?

"My mother said it was my fault, I'm to blame, "and don't you ever,ever,tell anyone, ever about your shame".

"Please mother don't turn your back, please don't run, look what's happened to me, look what they have done".

"She looked at me with eyes so uncaring and cold, told me that it was my fault, that I was bold".

"Those shameless wicked men you hold mother in high esteem, look what they have done, look at me mother, don't you even care, and I'm you son?

"Why do these wicked shameless men run around happy and free? Don't people care what these evil people did to children like you and me?

"I look to the heavens look to the stars, I even look to god above, If for only one moment my mother would say, "Look that's my son, the one that I love".

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May,life,light and love be ever with you.