Okay, i feel like i have been bitching a lot, but we all have been there, im just in pain. But there is something i have been thinking about for a while now, and if it doesnt exist now, it will in one form or another sooner or later.

I will research not for profit corperations tommorow, see what all needs to be done, what forms need to be filled out, ect. Once i find out what is required, I will post here, and we can all start thinking about setting up a time for anyone who is willing to volaunteer thier time to come to the chat room and discuss it there. The first step then would be to find some people with web experiance and start designing a small websight. That can be our base to orginising the resources needed to start a very small NFP corperation.

If nothing else, it will get me up tommorow. (not to mention allow me to return my library books)

Any thoughts?