@Scottyg, I didn't particularly care what this idiot thought. i know myself and know what I like well enough not to, I was just using it as an illustrative example.

@blessedcurse, i'm sorry if I gave the impression that I do not recognize that there are still in western society those who are harmed by female sterriotypes, it's only necessary to look at beauty products or the fashion industry to see as much, and indeeed of course in the past this was significantly worse.

I am often in fact the first to react when someone says something sexist about women or! men in given situations.

My issue however, is that at least in the Uk, and especially among interlectuals and politicians, the initial drive for "Equality" often turns into something else, especially i might add due to the prominant beliefs of certain feminists.

It might be different in other cultures, indeed perhaps the Uk is slightly different from the Us in this respect, (particularly given that ultra conservative religious views are less common over here especially among politicans).

But I do for instance frequently here sexist comments from women about men repeatedly "all men are after one thing", or "all men are pigs" or similar, that were they made about women would cause far more of an outcry.

As one fundimental example, look at the pantomime tradition. Even 50 years ago, a woman wearing man's clothing would be seen just as strange and commical as the other way around, which is why the principle boy in panto's was always played by a girl, just as the dame was played by a man.

now however, could a man wear something feminine? ---- indeed, I myself sometimes have trouble buying simple products such as cologne?

Likewise, boys are still! told not to hit girls, are girls ever told not to hit or insult boys? methinks not.

it isn't that I am in favour of any sort of oppression of women, indeed quite the reverse, it's just that I believe the male aspect of sexism is not recognized, and indeed given the efforts of certain feminist writers, is almost going the other way in some areas, ---- for example, these days men are almost banned from working with young children!

I call myself a gender equalitarian, which is precisely what I am, and is the position I'd advocate for anyone who would like to see a world with no gender sterriotypes where it was acceptable for a man or! a woman to safely look after kids, be a plumber, learn to sew, fix cars, and wear whatever style of clothing they dam well wanted!

I myself attempt to give the fact that I am male as much significance as the fact that I am five foot nine. it has some biological baring on what I do in a few areas, but othrwise, I'm me, end of story. I just wish more people were the same.