That is absolutely true, indeed my brother as a straight forward anime (japanese animation) fan with significant knolidge of other fans says it really irritates him when men are cryticized for watching hentai, aka, japanese pornographic animation, where as female fans often do exactly the same thing, write articals about it and even argue it's it's own "feminine subculture" whatever the hell that means, despite the fact men who attempt to watch or be interested in hentai are seen as just as culpable as men who watch pornography of any sort.

i don't even think it's quite as simple as automatically assigning anything strong the value of "masculine" and anything weak the value of "feminine"

Look at characters like ripley in the alien films or zoe in firefly. A woman who exhibits masculine traits is held up as "independent" where as however if a woman wants! to fulfill a traditional female roll at home with the children "well that's her choice"

It is as if the female sterriotype is held up as an ideal which women are free to choose or not, and either choice is held as right.

men however are forced! into the masculine sterriotype. This is not just a view of strength and protection, but also these days brutishness, clownishness, idiocy, a "one track mind", unemotionality and even more increasingly in modern portrayals, the idea that a single man is in some way weak or lacking, where a single woman is once again independent.

The best example I can think of of this view as the time I was at the bar at university, ordering my usual coctail (I believe it was tia maria and orange at the time), when a large man beside me said "that's a girly drink why not have a pint!"

I explained that I've tried beer and larga before, including some apparently high standard real ales, but none particularly appealed to me. This idiot said "well drink 20 pints, then! you'd like beer" I asked why I should down 20 pints of something I didn't like, to which this fellow replied "because your a man!"

And yet, beside me at the bar girls were drinking everyting from straight up lemonade to larga or licures without any harrassment at all.

As I said, it's my personal belief that all! sexist sterriotypes are wrong, however it seems that where there is huge recognition of the female sterriotype, there is no recognition of the male, indeed in many ways views of men in society are actually being made worse by those ultra nazi feminists who catagorize all men as evil.