A while ago in Sweden a ring of child pornography was discovered and it generated huge headlines when it became public that most of the people involved were women. And then, interestingly, newspapers were full of articles about how this could be, publishing facts about the one man being behind all of this, having manipulated the women to participate.

Maybe this was the case, I don't know, maybe these women had been talked into sharing child pornography by this man, but seriously, when these rings are discovered and the people involved by men there is never any headlines about one of them having manipulated the others into it even if that might be the case also with men involved.

I find it interesting that when women are perpetrators it becomes so important to the public to find explanations to how this could happen. To me it seems like the patriarchal view of masculinity -strength - perpetration versus femininity - weekness - victimisation is so strong people just can't handle that women are people too, capable of evil things just like men. It just bugs me.