Blessedcurse gave some great responses. I can try to add something from there for what is asked.

Cal20012's question:
Does my Bisexual part have some role to play in understanding and healing my current unhealthy stance towards men?

While Jesse's healing may yield that, I'd think Jesse may appreciate not being given any "role to play" these days, and just be listened to when sharing his/your feelings. Playing a role was what he was already limited to by CSA circumstances. Being given more value beyond a highly specific role is what I feel allows some healing to occur there.

Cal20012's comment:
As I write this ... I loathe men. My Bisexual part seems more interested in pleasing organs than developing relationships bc I believe Men are violent and they tend to take things which they have no right to ... and I have zero male friends in my life who I share any relevant conversation about myself with

My only response is I'm listening. I understand that's where you are at.

Cal20012's question:
Is my Bisexual part seeking to re-create a “trauma-bond” to re-enact the abuse but w/ a different outcome or perhaps to grieve the "broken little boy heart", when I realized I was not 'special' to the priest, but was just being used?

If trauma-bod with different outcome is the same as recreating to gain mastery over a situation, I can relate to trying that. It doesn't really work out well, because to recreate it, you have to be abused again, which only adds to the trauma. Other than self-knowledge, there's no gain, and it sounds like you already have the self-knowledge. Grieving the "broken little boy heart" doesn't require re-enacting the abuse. If anything re-enacting may be a coping mechanism to stave off the pain of loss the "broken little boy heart" feels. At least, that's what my experience and process was more about in that regard.

Don't know if I have enough experience to address the remaining questions after those.

Hope Jesse/Cal20012 receives some healing in these issues.