If this "prey to stop being gay" thing wasn't obviously so bad for the people who believe it, i'd find it so ridiculous as to make me laugh.

maybe if I concentrated and preyed to god for long enough i could grow an extra leg, or wings, or a third eye, or something similarly loopy!

I know s/xuality isn't so simple as anatomy, but really, the idea that it is so changeable is just nuts to me.

I have often wished I was gay, sinse I always imagine it'd be far easier to find a relationship with a man, and I don't experience half the same genophobic reactions from proximity of men as I do with women, ---- but in all fairness, i have to admit that I'm just not, and if I can't be gay, why should someone who was gay be any different?

i ws similarly irritated when the catholic church in scotland started a recent campaigne against the bill proposing to legalize scotish gay mariage, ---- why!

So to anyone who is gay, the belief isn't universal among those who are not by any means.