Interesting Yrac, and I agree.

I'd actually be interestedto know if your research ever uncovers any experiences similar to mine, which happened at secondary school in the context of repeated and extreme bullying that got steadily worse and resulted in as I said above, what I now would considder gang rape and s/xual humiliation by a bunch of girls (never less than 4 and usually around 6). While I experienced physical violence and insults from boys, this never bothered me as much as the female, more sepcifically s/xual abuse.

One issue I think was a major factor in my case, is this belief that females cannot be perpetrators. for a bunch of girls to force a boy against a wall, pull his trousers down and fondle his genitals was a joke, but what if a bunch of boys had done that to a girl?

As I said, I even got a severe yelling at for "touching girls inappropriately" when I punched a girl in the chest (given her position it was the most reacheable targit), despite what was happening to me at the time.

I'm not convinced on the social trends changing though, not when (at least in britain), it's still far more frowned upon for a man to show any feminine traits at all. indeed, i'd argue myself that sexism against men is a more wide ranging social problem that is not the least addressed, ---- after all, "all men are pigs" would be a quite acceptable public comment, where as "all women are pigs" would get someone into severe trouble.
As I said, i'd love to write on this myself, but given that the so called overview of s/xual ethics I had during my degree in philosophy began with the words "seventy percent of men would abuse a woman if they could" i worry about how angry and generally hurt the reading material would make me feel doing the research for such.