Okey-dokey. You're ok... I'm sorta ok! One never knows the circumstances behind the comments but you paint the picture of a strong and capable woman. Don't know if you even need therapy anymore. Seem pretty grounded to me.

I will gift you with one last insight. When husband says move on be happy then asks to see you again he is communicating the desire to reconcile in some way because he still needs you. His mixed message comes from his shame over his actions, over his past, over his current inability to be a healthy and equal partner. He may not forgive himself so he cannot imagine that YOU will ever forgive him. Robert has written so masterfully on these topics. So with a heart full of shame and self-loathing he tells the only woman he loves to go away so as to save you from being shackled to his pain.

At the same time he wants to draw you in because you are probably the only healthy and supportive thing in his life. Flings with new girlfriends are a diversion from the pain but clearly none are as deep as you. It's tough for you because you need to have your own life and not become an emotional yo-yo. As you see each other and rebuild the trust it may become advantageous to raise the expectation that he gets real help. If he can see he has a true supporter in his life perhaps he can also see that he has the power to change his own future.