Thank you so much for posting this! I have DID too and it helps a lot to read your thoughts on this, though I can see why the bisexual part is an issue. I'll look at your blog if I may, but I thought I'd give your questions a try. I have DID from severe childhood sexual abuse, been working with a therapist for years reaching some extent of integration but the system still remains even though the walls are a bit more transparent if you know what I mean.

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* So how do I accept that I am indeed at times drawn by my Bisexual part to the LGBT community and towards liaisons w/ men ...

Well, the way I have learned to see it is that this is all me. The parts are all me. Just because I feel that "this is not me, this is alter X" it doesn't mean that it really is a different person. Thus, everything that my alters feel is really my feeling. So my take on this would be "This part has the ability to be attracted to both sexes. That means I have the ability to be attracted to both sexes". And going on "I sometimes am drawn to LGBT community and towards liaisons with other men. I also am afraid of loosing my family over this (and whatever other reasons other parts have to be afraid of bixexual parts behavior)

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* While also acknowledging that other parts of me find such behavior to be uninteresting and icky (not that I judge myself as sinful but rather these attractions are considered 'alien' to the other parts of me)?

Well you have different views in the system. Maybe other parts feel no bisexuality because bisexual part is carrying all of it, being pushed away to a corner of the system? And maybe bisexual parts can't feel the ickyness because other parts take care of those feelings while bisexual part has to be allways ready and wanting anything the perp likes? You have both in you, the wanting and the unwanting of the same situation, only divided into different parts of you.

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* How do I acknowledge the role and the 'sacrifices' my Bisexual part has made in taking on the sensual and pleasurable components of my abuse?
* How do I reconcile w/ my system and my Bisexual part when my Bisexual part is shunned and feared for re-experiencing those very body feelings and memory fragments (he didn't exactly ask for)?

Well it is a sacrifice, otherwise the rest of you wouldn't push bisexual part so far away? Bisexual part did something really important for the system. He carried the sexual confusion so that the rest wouldn't have to be so confused. Probably he carries guilt too. Is your system putting blame on bisexual part for wanting abuse, leading on and stuff like that? I mean, zen part probably doesn't (I am so jealous of you having a part like that wink but someone else maybe casting blame without you knowing it.

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* How do I acknowledge my Bisexual part in a manner that does not involve real-life sexuality, when that Bisexual part thinks that giving detatched pleasure is all he is good for, and yet he frets and over-tries to be 'good enough', even at that?

How old is bisexual part? Is it wise to let a part of this age do sexual stuff? If bixexual part is really a child part, think how you would treat a real physical child that showed these desires and feelings. If bisexual part is adult, well, have a discussion like with any other adult desires you may have. Wanting something is not the same thing as doing it. Wanting something in fantasy is not the same thing as wanting the actual physical event.

Ill take the rest of your questions in a later post, running out of time.

Please observe these are just my suggestions based on my knowledge of my own system and recovery process. Might be right for me but not for you.