Bob, I am sorry to hear that you're having one of your shittier days, but am more than happy to throw some kind words your way. I wish I had seen your post earlier and hope you find these words here.

Because of things you have said here, to me specifically and also to others, I really, truly am at peace. I have the missing piece of the puzzle now and can see exactly where it fits in all its magnitude. Because of your openness, your insight and your willingness to share for the betterment of so very many people I feel I have grown to know and understand my husband more this week than in the time we were together. It takes a good man to step up in such a way.

Life gives us peaks and valleys, and it is from the strength gained in the peaks that we move through the valleys. There does come a time when the valleys are not so deep, or maybe they're just as deep but we're more equipped to deal with them.

Life is beautiful. It truly is. I don't think I've written that anywhere before, but in this moment I really do believe it. For a group of people to come together in a place like this is unbelievable to me. And you, Bob, are one of the pieces that make it what it is for folks like me who were adrift in rough waters. Makes you really stinkin' special, Bob, and in great company.

I do hope the day is less shitty than it was, and that tomorrow is fantastic.