Ok, it sounds grandstanding, but I really had unusual symptoms early this morning. I do not have trouble sleeping, but I have this one wierd thing, I get up at about 2:30am. I usually roll over, free the stuck hand and go back to sleep, or get up for a bit and wander our the RV, then back to bed.

It has been very stressful lately. The manager of the park, my very good friend and I have been having some outs. He is a micro manager, and I am not motivated that way. We have had a couple of intense moments, but that was a couple weeks ago. Last weekend, his brother had a heart attack and is brain dead. That was difficult to support and listen to him make arrangements to travel from Ohio to California. It is his last living relative in the family he grew up with, dad, mother, younger brother, all gone.

My son has been a source of anxiety and stress for me. He is 17 recently made yet another poor decision. He is away for the summer and we thought maybe he could stay for the school year at his grandmother's, she was very keen on the idea. He invested in something that would have cost him a great deal of money and was on the line for much more. He does not have a steady source of income. We told him after the grandmother and he had done this, that he was going to undo it. He got mad. I felt it was time he came home, my wife is completely against the idea, so she and I disagree, but finally late this morning we came to an agreement.

I have been dealing with this so this morning, I went back to sleep for about 40 minutes. I woke up because I found it hard to catch my breath, this does not happen usually. My heart felt as if it was trying to burn a hole through my chest, and my left shoulder stung like I had burnt it.

I worry it was a stroke, any thoughts/experiences/doctors? There is no history of heart issues in my family, although my dad suffered from a stroke about the same age, he carried a great deal of stress.

Thanks, it felt better just getting this stuff off my chest,