it just felt right to change my name from humanforever to manchild.

I am not sure if i ever introduced myself:

I am 42. At 29 i remembered bodyfeelings and images of SA by father. Mother corrobated SA. I want to grow towards more that a victim of SA. I want to enjoy life.

I have a few questions to you all:

Can you mention
1. the 3 most important things you did, to learn to enjoy life?
2. the 3 most important things that happened and helped, inspired you to enjoy life?
3. events/actions not yet mentioned?

I will try to answer my questions for myself to start with.

1.1. Ask for help (going into therapy) from someone else than my abuser.
1.2. Experience nature.
1.3. Staying curious.

2.1 Celebrating family holidays with others.
2.2 Discovering what feels good.
2.3 Sleeping in a teepee.

3. Discovering, that not inhibiting my rage can be a great relief.

I dream the dream, that we all can inspire eachother with answering these questions.

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