Hello.I first heard about MS about a month ago from my T.I have been registered and visiting the site fo a couple of wks now.As I have read the many postings and a few personal stories I sometimes felt overwhelmed by the honesty,openess a
nd encouragement being shared.I should keep this brief.
I was orphaned when I was 2 days old.At the age of 3 I was placed in foster care with a family.They had one child of their own,a son.My half sister was placed in the same family with me about a year later.What followed was years of abuse.Violent physical beatings,cruelty,psychological abuse and sex abuse.Any real life never happened.I existed to survive.One of the postings I read said"What did I lose"?When their son molested me any hope of dignity was gone.I am older than most using this site.From the age of 7 I knew anyone could do whatever they wanted to me and it mattered to no one.I was alone worthless and defenseless in the world.From that time on I was a fugitive always on the run.I am getting help now and I am going to thank my T for suggesting I visit MS. Thanks for Listening.