What a terrible idea, period.

Here is a reply on another board I am a member on concerning summer camps and healthy perspectives. Some circumstances can allow for healthy camp environments, but overall, a bad idea.

This is a twofold reply.

I need to support this article in that as a parent I had been overzealous in projecting my fears onto my children. They still managed to find relationships, cars, hobbies and the mall, and they have not been hurt.., too much.

However, with statistics such as 1 in 4 and 1 in 6, how can we seriously consider unsupervised "sleep away camps"? These are, in this parent's opinion, an unacceptable risks. Unless we are the chaperon and have great communication with our children, these activities serve to add almost 17% to 25% more access from perpetrators and predators to our precious children. Why do people from these positions keep getting arrested for heinous acts to children? Does the name Sandusky ring any bells!?!!

Would anyone want to raise their income taxes 25%? How about a 25% raise in the grocery bill? At $3.80 a gallon for gas, a 25% hike would be an additional $0.95 or $4.75 per gallon. We are talking about a one or two time item in the course of one's life, so how about a home purchase? The average median home sale price for the US in June 2012 was $273,900.00. The risk we take when sending our children to camp for a night, a week or a summer would be like agreeing on that price and then the home owner raising the price after we had secured the payment to a whopping $342,375.00! And we HAD to purchase the home.

Please carefully consider the risks versus the facts.

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