Found an old friend on Facebook, from high school in the 60s and friended him. I shared with him a bit of my abuse story from the 60s. Perp was a high school teacher we all idolized. I was pretty messed up in high school and wanted my friend to know why.

He told me that in 2009 he filed charges against the guy with the local and state police. I didn't know you could do that. This was in West Virginia.

I am stunned. The feelings are a bizarre mixture of shock, thrill, heaviness--physical heaviness--it's hard to lift my arms. We both know there are many more.

The perp is in his late 70s now. What are the chances he is still abusing kids? I live in Michigan now--how would I join such a suit? What are the pros and cons of doing so?

I'm scared I'm going to be paralyzed, emotionally, and honestly to some extent a little bit physically. Any thoughts?
Harry Nicholson (attended Hope Springs, October, 2014)