I have already contacted a newspaper reporter and told him a little bit of my story (for those of you who are not familiar with my story, please refer to the "I'm the untimate COWARD" thread). I will be sitting down with him within the next few weeks to tell him the whole story. I know that my position as a hign ranking and highly decorated police officer is what "they" will consider news worthy. I don't want the story to be about "me". I want to use this opportunity to educate the public about the sexual abuse of children.

If you had the opportunity like I have, what would you want the public to know about our issue. What would you tell parents so they can better protect their children? What would you tell the children who may be going through this horror? What would you say to the abuser to make him realize what damage he is doing? What else would you say: statue of limitations issues (Thanks Mark C), internet safety issues. What laws need to be changed? How can we eliminate the sexual abuse of our children???

Get those creative juices flowing. I need your help. When this article is written and the television media picks it up, I will post the links so that all of us can celebrate together.

Thank You,