I am really beggining to chaff at what i cant seem to find. I really, really, really want a support group, and am very, very tired of trying to do this by myself.

Why cant we orginise together? Why doesnt NOSMV have fund raisers and rallies and lists of support groups throughout the the nation? Damn it, if you start something in LA i will try to be there. Ill bug liquer stores to put up change jars and posters, but i cant do it if im alone. I cant keep going on like this, because even if I am ready to acknowledge the abuse, nobody else is. Nobody else even seems to care, i cant find anything or anyone who is willing to offer support groups, experianced therapy, or even a simple, "I believe you, that was wrong." If VOICES is supposed to be an orginisation for men and women survivors of incest, why did my branch just flat out tell me they couldnt help me at all? Even if they had to direct me to someplace in LA, they could have offered me a phone number, a name, something. Is it just me, or am i alone in feeling like people just really dont give a flying fuck? I understand that people have books to sell and families to feed, but damn it why wont somebody put the slightest hand out to try and HELP me, to help US? All i ever hear from us is how alone we are. Why isnt somebody listening?