With the help of this site, I have taken on the task of trying to find a T. This task has proven very troublesome. I reside in Arkansas and there is only one T who specializes in CSA trauma who is almost 3 hours away from where I live. Come to find out that his information is not current anyway. The next closest T is either in Oklahoma City or Houston. I was really excited when I found out one offered Skype sessions, come to find out though that he required 4-6 face to face sessions before the Skype sessions. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Of the three Ts that I've seen in my area have none of them specialize in CSA and all of them have appeared to have tired of me after a few sessions. The latter two were part of a state sponsored mental health organiztion that is overwhelmed and horribly mismanaged (always changing appointments, losing paperwork etc) they also seem to be more interested in medicating me than actually helping me work through my issues on a long term basis. Money is something of an issue. Im college student and while Im more well off than many of my peers, Im not exactly Mr. Moneybags. Really my option right now is to travel to either OKC or Houston, but I am terrified of driving on the highway and also of the traffic of big cities. And also there is the issue of gas and actual cost of the services. What do you guys think? Do I have any other options?