Hello Strapper,

I enjoy your volunteer desire fellow survivor. You remind me of me when I joined MS, and saw the agony in me when I posted and a familiar theme of suffering in the posts I read. With that though I also saw the hope and determination of my fellow MS'ers to demand healing for themselves.

There are many volunteer aspects of MaleSurvivor. You can be involved in supporting others in the Healing Circles on Wednesday and Sunday nights. There survivors meet in a real time chat in a private area and disclose struggles and successes in recovery. Others support them with their experience and encouragement. This moderated group meets Wednesday and Sunday in the evening, 8 pm Central Time.

Other ways to support is to reply to disclosures in the forums and reply with support and your experience. It is very encouraging to receive feedback for a difficult process.

You may wish to greet new ones in the Introduction forum as well. These courageous men have opted to reach out to this affirming, supportive healing group, and it is our's to make them feel at home. I see you are a new user as well, I am sure you understand how a warm, welcoming comment helped you feel comfortable.

Finding books and articles on male sexual abuse issues and recovery is another way we volunteer, there is a bookstore here that is inked to Amazon. Finding resources for male survivors is important. Let us know what you have found and we may even link to it.

Of course, posting about your journey is paramount. Letting others know just what you have been working through, your share of the abuse and the different areas that it has affected you is one of the best ways to volunteer. Let us know who you are in the Introductions forum, and then let us know what you have experienced in the MaleSurvivor and other forums. Being able to work through the forums posting and supporting spreads your compassion to many survivors.

You already are of much importance to us in that you have courageously registered and posted. There are 151 million males in the US, and about 25 million of them may have been abused, and of them 10,319, as of the time of this posting, have signed up for this healing environment. You are of great import to us strapper, we thank you for your support, your desire to reach out and for your volunteer attitude.

How else can we help you to help us?


Moderator Team
MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014