TW16, you have gotten some very good advice here with Pero and Tyr(men ARE pigs, lol), please find the comfort first, then the instruction.

When I recall the accounts of the brave men on MS in this forum and their experiences, I have to say that this seems less like an assault and more like desire, indecision and uncertainty that led to a lot of activity that was mutually desired by both parties. Ultimately, he did not do anything you did not want at some point, and more so, he stopped when you finally conceded.

I would strongly suggest that you find the answers to the questions you have posted here before another incident develops. While religion makes certain demands, it is up to you to define your "will". What you choose you must be at all times, for your own affirmation, self confidence and inner peace. Define yourself by those answers you choose. Post your reply here. Act with determination towards those resolutions. These questions are coming up at this time, take them as they surface and make them your life choices.

It is important that this issue be fully thought out here as long as it stays within the structure of the event. If our thoughts move towards any child sexual abuse issues, it is important to move this to the appropriate forum. We must respect the forum and the men who use come here to bring their specific issues to resolution. You will be supported and given practical experience and perspective for your post here, in the forum that serves the issue you seek to resolve.

You are a survivor, TW16, you are among those who understand, who have struggled with this and may still be. Know you are in the right place for such resolution and relief,

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014