We encourage responses that provide common ground throughout recovery of male sexual abuse. This forum for Adult Sexual Abuse Survivors strives to focus on the experiences and the issues in surviving and eventual recovery of this specific field, men abused as adults. Although offered in the best of intention, it can feel condescending, even patronizing to hear about the path other survivors have taken. This group, these men, have had a terrible assault, and they wish to find their own path of healing, and they have asked for limits as to the sharing and yes, even the support other male survivors can offer.

As MaleSurvivor has become a home to us men who have survived child abuse, so too must this forum be a safe haven for men who have survived abuse as an adult. We enjoy the safety and connections that this site affords us, and so too must we respect the desire of these men to find their 'home'. We are connected to these in this forum, and we may interact with them when we can share with them on the level they have asked. In knowledge and interest with an adult perspective, defining recovery in adult abuse terms, terms that are different from other abuse conditions suffered as males. Let us enjoy each other within those protective confines, that we may all experience the best of this healing environment.

Best Regards,

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014