Another thot:

Depending on your location, lots of healthier non-bar activities. Belonged to a local gay athletic group for years (aerobics, running, baseball, bowling, etc.). And gay networking groups. Great fun and friendships.

The clubs/music were fun when I was a "kid"...we're talking Donna Summer. Not a kid any more. Hell, no, of course you don't like the kids' music. Go somewhere else! Have a realtor friend our age who tries to act and dress like a 20-something...doesn't have the body for it and looks ridiculous. And if you're going to color your hair, at least do it tastefully, like ME! ;-)

The "kids" are amusing to watch sometimes, but the turn-off is that they're kids, unresolved baggage and all (see Pattinson/Stewart mess). Put another way, I find myself thinking, "yes, you're pretty and...?" Last thing I want to be is "Daddy". I've got my own problems ;-)