The bigger picture is this: the San Mateo District Attorney's office, as well as San Mateo courts, probation, Children's Services and the San Mateo Private Defenders ALL hired Ayres to evaluate boys for 40 years. Some of these juveniles were raped. Ayres threatened them," If you don't let me do this to you, then you are going to California Youth Authority."

No one, including the San Mateo Private Defenders which paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Ayres, wants to go back and investigate how many juveniles Ayres molested. Many of these men went on to lives of crime and are serving life sentence in prison. Ayres set them on the path.

If the San Mateo DA truly wanted to convict Ayres, they would have put their top prosecutor on the case, instead of a rookie who was a bartender in Alaska before getting her law degree in her thirties.

There are now three complaints before the California Bar concerning this prosecutor- for the Ayres case and two other molestation cases.

A San Mateo Supervisor has gone to the DA of San Mateo and asked him to do something about the prosecutor. But the DA won't fire her.

The kicker is that last summer, the victims of Ayres received tips from medical colleagues of Ayres that he was hanging around San Francisco, acting totally competent. The police ignored their tips and the prosecutor kept insisting Ayres was incompetent.

That's why the victims hired a private investigator to tail Ayres. The team of investigators found Ayres to be competent.

Now even the JANITORS at Napa State Hospital say they could tell Ayres was competent.

The key question is: why was the prosecutor the only one who refused to believe Ayres was competent? What was her agenda? Why did her boss, San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe tell the mother of a victim that basically they couldn't retry Ayres because he was using a walker?

The FBI is investigating DA Wagstaffe for corruption and there are strong signs that the Ayres case is all tied in to this. As the DA hired Ayres for decades, it would make sense that they would drag this case for fear of huge lawsuits against the County.