Last year, San Mateo prosecutor Melissa Mckowan insisted to all of the Ayres victims that Ayres was not competent to stand trial and never would be. The San Mateo DA's office ignored tips from Ayres' medical colleagues that he had been seen around San Francisco, acting competent. San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe was dismissive of the surveillance video made by a private investigator hired by the families of victims, that showed Ayres was competent to stand trial, saying that it 'wasn't helpful to Ayres' mental competency that Ayres was using a walker."

Now comes word from the Mercury News that even the custodial staff there could tell Ayres was competent. How come the DA's office didn't want to believe it? What's their agenda here?

What is the real reason didn't the San Mateo DA want to retry Ayres? Why five and a half years later, is there still no conviction? Is it because DA Wagstaffe's office hired Ayres themselves to evaluate boys, and many of them were molested?

Read Wagstaffe's ludicrous reasons to a mother of a victim last summer as to why he was not retrying Ayres for mental competency:

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